Kaprica Security Receives $100K in Funding

Kaprica Security, a Herndon, VA-based mobile security company commercializing a smartphone charger, received $100k in funding.

The investment was made by the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) GAP Funds.

The company intends to use the capital to accelerate product deployment.

Co-founded by Doug Britton, CEO, Andrew Wesie, CTO, and Hudson Thrift, COO, Kaprica commercializes a smartphone charger that enables nation-state quality security for Android users. The Skorpion™ secure smartphone charger replaces the stock charger and scans the device’s operating system and applications while simultaneously charging the unit. As an external piece of hardware attached through the USB port, Skorpion can examine the entire device to locate malware and rootkits. When malicious behavior has been identified, the charger illuminates a red LED alert to indicate compromise, communicates the result to the user and, if applicable, IT managers, and offers different remediation options.
The charger is in the late stages of development via a partnership with Belkin, which is leveraging its global distribution channels to sell the product into government, enterprise and foreign markets.



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