eBrevia Raises 150K in Funding

eBrevia Inc., a Stamford, Conn.-based company that is commercializing natural language processing technology for the legal sector, raised 150k in funding from Connecticut InnovationsPre-Seed Fund.

Developed at Columbia University, the company’s technology is designed to assist law firms, in-house legal departments and investment firms in performing a variety of legal tasks more efficiently and accurately. Using machine learning techniques, the software can extract and summarize legal provisions from a wide array of legal documents. eBrevia’s first software product will help users conduct legal due diligence by analyzing legal documents and extracting and summarizing key provisions based on user specifications.

In 2012, the company received $25k in funding as part of CI’s TechStart Accelerator Program.

eBrevia is led by Ned Gannon, CEO, Adam Nguyen, COO, and Jacob Mundt, CTO.



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