Blaze Bioscience Completes $8.5M Series A Financing

Blaze Bioscience, Inc., a Seattle, WA-based biotechnology company, completed an $8.5m Series A financing.

Backers included individual (unnamed) physicians and biotech executives.

The company intends to use the capital for advancement of its Tumor PaintTM product candidate, BLZ-100, into clinical development for use in surgery in multiple solid tumor types, for expansion of its leadership team (Dennis Miller, Ph.D., as Senior Vice President of Development, and Claudia Jochheim, Ph.D., as Senior Director of Process Development and Manufacturing) and for the establishment of corporate headquarters, including laboratory space, at the Fairview Research Center in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.

Co-Founded in 2010 by Dr. Jim Olson, Board Member, and Heather Franklin, President and CEO, Blaze Bioscience is developing the Tumor Paint technology, which is designed to provide real-time, high-resolution visualization of a broad array of solid tumors by binding to and illuminating cancer cells to aid in surgical removal.
BLZ-100, the lead product candidate incorporating Tumor Paint technology, combines a targeting peptide and a fluorescent beacon. It is entering toxicology studies, and a Phase 1 clinical trial exploring safety and effective imaging dose is planned in cancer patients with multiple tumor types.



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