InDevR Creates ViroCyt and Raises Funding

InDevR, Inc., a developer of life science instrumentation and assays for analysis of viruses and other microorganisms, spun off ViroCyt, LLC, and raised funding from a group of investors.

The round was led by High Country Venture, a Colorado venture capital fund.

Created in late 2012 and led by Robert Kline, President and CEO, and based in Denver, CO, ViroCyt will be responsible for expanding the commercial market for the Virus Counter technology developed by InDevR, which provides quantification of viruses, resulting in more accurate decision-making in vaccine companies, biotechnologies, domestic and foreign government research institutes and universities that use viruses to create lifesaving products, such as viral vaccine production, protein expression, antiviral drug development, and viral diagnostics.

The funding will be used to build out the North American direct sales force and expand its international network of distributors.



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