SanDisk Launches $75M Venture Capital Arm

SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global provider of flash memory storage solutions, has launched a $75m venture capital initiative.

SanDisk Ventures aims to invest in startups that are developing innovative solutions based on flash memory technology.
Specific areas targeted for investment include:
– next-generation solid-state memory technology,
– enterprise storage,
– storage technologies managing “big data”, and
– cloud-based computing technologies.

The team of SanDisk Ventures includes:
Sumit Sadana, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer,
René Christian Hartner, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development,
Alex Lam, Director of SanDisk Ventures,
Amir Fridman, Director Strategic Marketing, and
Priyanka Kamat, Staff Business Development Manager.

The new fund has made its first investment in Whiptail (read here), a data storage company that designs energy-efficient enterprise infrastructure equipment using flash memory technology.



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