Quickboats Secures over $65K in Crowdfunding

Quickboat Holdings Pty Ltd, the owner and designer of an advanced folding boat, has secured over $65k in crowdfunding.

A total of 44 funders from all over the world, including the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Brazil, Sweden and Australia, have backed the company’s project via Indiegogo.com.

Quickboat intends to use the funding to finance the approval and licensing process for various international regulatory authorities, including the U.S. Coast Guard.

Led by CEO Deryck Graham, the company has three wholly owned subsidiaries, one that owns the Quickboat intellectual property and know-how, another that handles the day to day operation of the business and a third, Quickboats LLC, that handles all sales and operation in the USA.
In April 2012, Quickboat Holdings Pty Ltd acquired all of the intellectual property and know-how relating to the Quickboat design from Quickstep Holdings Ltd, a public listed aerospace company specializing in advanced composite manufacturing and technology development.

Quickboats plans to deliver the first production run of its high-tech folding boat in August 2013.



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