AppDirect Launches Developer Incubator Program

AppDirect, a San Francisco, CA-based cloud service marketplace company, has launched a developer incubator program.

The AppDirect Developer Incubator (ADI) program is a new initiative designed to provide software developers eith experience and expert guidance to help them launch their own startup companies.
The program is open to candidates worldwide. To become part of it, candidates must pass a skills-based assessment and complete the AppDirect hiring process.
Developers will then spend two and a half years working as core members of the AppDirect engineering team. In the third year, top performers will be eligible to receive seed funding, continued salary, and an incubator environment that includes office space and the opportunity to pitch VCs.

The program is open to:
– back-end candidates who are proficient in Java and SQL, and have the ability to integrate a web application.
– front-end candidates with knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.
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