Starteed Launches €500 Contest

Italian crowdfunding platform Starteed has launched a €500 contest for creators who want to submit an idea (read here).

Projects created on Starteed by 15.12. 2012, with a funding goal of €3,000 or more, will see the contribution added when their crowdfunding campaign reaches 20% of its goal. The contribution will be actually delivered only in case of final success.

Launched in October 2012, Starteed offers people who have an original idea the opportunity to receive financial and social support from Starteed Community. It also integrates the crowdfunding campaign with all the following phases of product development and sales, helping the creator put his product on sales on the platform. Important on Starteed is the role of supporters, who not only fund projects, but also provide the creator with expertise and work as influencers by spreading the word within their network to find new supporters first, and other buyers of the final product during the Sales phases.

On Starteed, creators can raise money for innovative and smart projects for all forms of art, design, and fashion, games, tech, Internet, event, eco, etc.



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