Spindle Labs Raises $2.3M in Funding

Spindle Labs, Inc., a Boston, MA-based has raised $2.3m in funding.

Backers include Polaris Ventures, Greylock Partners, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Atlas Ventures, Broad Beach Ventures, Project 11, Ray Ozzie and Raman Narayanan.

Founded by Pat Kinsel, CEO, Alex Lambert and Simon Yun, Spindle aims to make valuable social content more discoverable. Based on the social graph and leveraging signals such as location and time of day, Spindle has built a technology that knows what’s happening around the user and delivers him/her the right content such as interesting updates from businesses and organizations around them, or what’s happening right now.
The company has also released Spindle 1.1 in the iTunes App Store. Spindle is currently available in Boston and San Francisco with other major cities soon to follow.



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