Roberto Esposito’s Releases Fun Video; Ready to Launch is expected to launch in the next days…and I look forward to having a look at it.

For the first time, I contacted Roberto Esposito in August 2012. I had already covered DeRev’s first funding (€1.25m, a massive round for an Italian startup) and I wanted to know a bit more about his company and plans. He accepted to answer my questions!

During those days, he was moving to a new office under the summer sun (40 degrees in Naples, Italy) when I red a fun (but realistic) Facebook status of him about the relation between a startup CEO and his initial struggles. I asked him if I could publish it. Not only he accepted but also provided me with evidences about what he had written (read here). In that circumstance, I had already understood that Roberto Esposito wasn’t a common guy! Some days later, he answered my questions and I got further proofs that he wasn’t (read here).

A blogger, a TedX speaker, a Guinness recordman, a book author, an unconventional marketing evangelist, an already successful entrepreneur!
Finally, a bad and a good news. The bad one is that Roberto Esposito is not the new Mark Zuckerberg (stop comparisons please). The good one is that he is simply Roberto Esposito!!! An evidence? Have a look at DeRev’s introduction video:



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