Ntq-Data Raises €250K via SiamoSoci

Ntq-Data, a London, UK- and Milan, Italy-based company that provides tools, services and information to operate in the antiques market, has raised €250k in funding.

Two new (unnamed) backers have invested in the company via SiamoSoci, the online platform that connects startups and investors led by Dario Giudici.

The company intends to use the capital to bring its solutions to the market and grow internationally. Ntq-Data is translationg its web site in English and Chinese.

Founded in 2010 by Riccardo Sorani, Oreste d’Ambrosio, and e Fabio Massimo Loberto, NTQ-Data provides the antiques community with a data base of antiques lots (excluding fine arts) sold at auction around the world since 2002, a search engine (NTQ Preview) including a large selection of antiques on sale at major antiques fairs with their prices, as well as tools that enable the computation of several indicators to simply valuate antiques or to monitor, to describe, and to preview antiques market trends.



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