NextStyler Becomes Maison Academia

NextStyler, a Naples, Italy-based community for fashion lovers and designers, has changed its name and become Maison Academia.

Led by Maurizio Palumbo and Mary Palomba, the company recently raised €500K in seed funding (read here).

Commenting on the reasons behind the change, they said in a blog post (read here): “The origin of the Latin word Academia is Greek which refers to the place where Philosophy was born and, as time goes by, it stands for the place where Art is born and is taught. Maison is a French word indeed which, in the world of fashion, refers to the place where designers’ collections come to life.
“the new name has been chosen to give to the site the meaning of a sort of fashion design studio where unique collections with high standard of quality come to life, thanks to the the co-creation of different fashion designers“.

Maison Academia is a fashion brand entirely made in Italy via a community of fashion designers and fashion lovers.
It allows emerging fashion designers to get support by experts who guides them since the beginning of the creation of the sketches. The sketches are then voted by the site community and selected by a jury comprised of world fashion’s professionals to become Maison Academia collections produced “Made in Italy” with high standard quality.



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