Lemnos Labs Raises $1.85M in Funding

Lemnos Labs, a San Francisco, CA-based hardware incubator, has raised $1.85m in funding.

Backers include:
– Alex Lloyd of Accelerator Ventures,
– Alex Vikati,
– Ash Patel,
– Matt Mullenweg’s Audrey Capital,
– Daniel Abrams,
– Don Hutchison,
– Edwin Ong,
– Jack Herrick (founder/CEO of wikiHow.com),
– Naval Ravikant,
– Othman Laraki,
– Paul Sethi, and
– Seraph Group.

The funding will allow the incubator to expand resources offered to startups.

Founded in 2011 by MIT graduates Jeremy Conrad and Helen Zelman, Lemnos Labs provides hardware startups with seed funding, mentorship and resources to build products and attract angel investors and venture capitalists to establish a sustainable business and bring the product to market.
In addition to the funding, the incubator announced that Bia, NanoSatisfi, Revolve Robotics and Unmanned Innovation have joined the program.
The company has also enlisted Eric Klein, managing partner at Klein Venture Partners, as its EIR.



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