Itsworld Sicilia to Receive €2M in Equity Funding from Principia SGR

Itsworld Sicilia, an Italian company that focuses on commercializing HPA (Hymera Power Amplifier) technology, is to receive €2m in equity funding from Principia SGR.

Principia acquired a 28% stake in the company via Principia II.

A subsidiary of Milan, Italy-based Energy Finance S.p.A., Itsworld focuses on promoting and commercializing the HPA technology, which is designed to allow the various components of a solar system to optimize their functions, to reduce errors in the inverter systems that, and to avoid critical situations in the plant, alerting on potential breakings of the components.
The technology was designed in Riesi (Caltanissetta, Sicily) by Itsworld’s partners Hymera and Hymera Engineering.



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