Chromatik Raises $2M in Seed Funding

According to Techcrunch (read here), Chromatik, a Santa Monica, CA-based startups that develops a music performance and collaboration platform, has raised $2m in seed funding.

Among others (22 in total are listed at, backers include
– Learn Capital,
– 500 Startups,
– Kapor Capital,
– Launchpad LA,
– MuckerLab,
– Bruno Mars,
– Jeff Ayeroff,
– Dr. Jennifer Snow,
– Stephano Kim,
– Philip Lawrence
– Ari Levine,
– Brandon Creed, and
– Josh Levine.

Founded by CEO Matt Sandler and CTO James Wicker, Chromatik is developing a product to teach music to students. It allows users to upload, record, annotate, and share music via the company’s web and iPad apps. The can also record a performance, track progress, and give and receive individual feedback.
Other team members include David Robinson, Justin Thomas, and Fletcher Riehl.



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