MetaCDN Completes US$2.3M Funding

MetaCDN, a Victoria, Australia-based web content acceleration startup, had completed a US$2.3m funding.

The round was led by Starfish Ventures and the University of Melbourne Endowment fund.

The company intends to use the funding to expand sales, development and support teams in the United States and Europe.

Founded in 2011 from research out of the University of Melbourne, and led by Martin Ryan, CEO, MetaCDN is innovating the market for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) by providing a cloud-based content acceleration and delivery platform that ensures content (from e-commerce retailers and content publishers) such as videos, images and web files are dynamically served from multiple network locations, reducing the distance travelled between web platform and user.
MetaCDN dynamically optimizes and blends cloud services from Amazon, Edgecast, Microsoft, Google and others to create a large cloud CDN.



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