LinkPass Raises €1M in Funding

According to local reports, LinkPass (formerly known as Infostronomy), a Naples, Italy-based startup that is developing a mobile app that allows users to discover, meet and contact professionals during events and workshops, has raised €1m in funding.

The capital was provided by Vertis via Vertis Venture.

LinkPass aims to ha l’obiettivo di connettere espositori e visitatori di fiere sulla base degli interessi reciproci massimizzando il rendimento del tempo dedicato a eventi, workshop ed esposizioni.

Co-founded by CEO Danilo De Rosa, CTO Angelo Romano, CMO Sabrina De Siero and COO Paolo Orlando,
LinkPass is to launch an app (in January 2012) that enables users to quickly and easily meet the most interesting business people during events as well as to discover relevant exhibitord during fairs.

The company was incubated in SeedLab.


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