Initial Crowd Offering Releases White Paper Guide to Equity Crowdfunding

New laws under the US JOBS Act will allow small and emerging businesses to raise up to $1m in equity crowdfunding. SEC regulations – due December 31, 2012 – will kick off the beginning of the activities nationwide.

Initial Crowd Offering, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based platform that connects investors with small and emerging businesses, has released a white paper guide to equity crowdfunding.

Downloadable at, “How to Raise $1 Million through an Initial Crowd Offering” provides readers with insight into equity crowdfunding and allows them to learn tips regarding the size of the new pool of capital, requirements to participate and access the capital, and ways to optimize the probability of successfully achieving funding goals.

Founded by Perry D. West, Travis B. Vargo and Douglas M. McReaken, Initial Crowd Offering brings investors together with startups and small businesses allowing direct, real-time investments in exchange for equity ownership.



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