Net Health Systems Receives Significant Investment from Spectrum Equity

Net Health Systems, a Pittsburgh, PA-based provider of clinical information systems for the field of wound care, has received a “significant” investment from private equity Spectrum Equity.

CEO Anthony Sanzo, President Patrick Colletti and CTO Christopher Hayes have co-invested alongside Spectrum and will continue in their executive roles. As part of the transaction, Jim Quagliaroli, Managing Director of Spectrum Equity, has become chairman of Net Health’s board of directors. Jeff Haywood of Spectrum Equity, and industry veterans Pat Cline and Ruben J. King-Shaw, Jr., have also joined the board.

The company intends to use the proceeds from the investment to continue to grow in the wound care technology market and extend and diversify its electronic health record (EHR) product offerings into adjacent segments.

Net Health provides the WoundExpert platform, a certified Electronic Health Record system that specifically allows providers to assess wounds and document care planning; schedule, receive and track insurance authorization; record and track coding and billing; benchmark facility performance, and provide telemedicine services.



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