Labomar Receives €5,5M Equity Investment from Fondo Italiano di Investimento

Labomar Srl, an Istrana (Treviso), Italy-based a manufacturer of dietary supplements, has received a €5,5m minority equity investment from Fondo Italiano d’Investimento.

The company intends to use the proceeds to increase its production capabilities and R&D efforts (in partnership with leading universities) and expand internationally.

Founded in 1999 by pharmacist Walter Bertin, CEO, Labomar makes dietary supplements in either solid format (chewable, swallable, coated tablets, gastro-resistant, time release and micro tablets, hard plant or animal gelatine capsules, oro dispersible and water dispersible powders) or as liquids (syrups, hydroglyceric and hydroalcoholic suspensions, solutions, emulsions, nanoemulsions).
Clients include companies operating in the medical information sector, in distribution channels in chemist and herbalist’s shops, retail stores specialised in products for athletes and retail organizations.

The company has 110 employees and a turnover of €20m.



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