ThingLink Acquires Pixboom

Helsinki, Finland-based Image engagement tool ThingLink has acquired Stockholm-based Pixboom, an interactive image tagging service for the Swedish fashion industry.

Founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Jonas Sujkerbuik and Daniel Aspers, Pixboom currently enables interactive images on hundreds of Swedish fashion blogs.

Commenting on the acquisition, ThingLink CEO Ulla Engeström said: “Sweden leads the way in fashion blogging, and we’re excited to merge our collective expertise to build innovative interactive image services for fashion brands in ways that engage consumers and communities”.

Pixboom CEO Jonas Suijkerbuijk, who will join the ThingLink Advisory Board, added: “We’re thrilled to be part of ThingLink and look forward to providing Pixboom clients with full access to ThingLink’s rich array of media tags, including sound and video players, e-commerce and social tags, image embeds, and one-click image sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email”.

Launched in 2010, ThingLink has enabled more than 20,000 publishers of interactive images, including leaders in music, publishing, entertainment, politics, e-Commerce and education.



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