Envoy Therapeutics Receives $1.2M Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Envoy Therapeutics, Inc., a Jupiter, Florida–based drug discovery company, has been awarded a $1.2m second grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF).

The company intends to use the funding for the continued development of compounds that selectively act on the motor circuitry that is compromised in Parkinson’s disease (PD) via modulation of a receptor target identified by Envoy. The objective of the MJFF-funded project is to develop an oral therapeutic that provides the symptomatic benefit of dopamine replacement therapy but with sustained efficacy and with minimal acute and long-term side effects.

Led by Steve Hitchcock, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Drug Discovery, Envoy Therapeutics has developed (bacTRAP®) technology that enables the identification of new drug targets selectively expressed in brain circuits of therapeutic interest, thereby minimizing activity in circuits that may trigger unwanted side effects.



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