eelusion Game Studios Raises $1.7M in Seed Funding

eelusion Game Studios, a Berlin, Germany based mobile games start-up, raised $1.7m in seed funding.

Investors were not disclosed.
The company, which was create with the financial support of Convotis, is using the capital to expand its proprietary technology and to produce its first project, “eevoo”.

Co-founded in 2011 and led by CEO Guillaume Vaslin, CFO Jürgen Lange, Director Communications Stephan Schoenen, Tim Hufermann (Legal Affairs), and Jason Garber (Head of Production), eelusion is launching “eevoo”, an innovative “geosocial game” that combines the technological trends of augmented reality, geolocation and social media with gameplay.
“eevoo” is set to be released in the second half of 2012, first on the Apple iOS and then later adapted for additional platforms.



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