Collaaj Receives Angel Funding from AppSense Labs

Collaaj, a data centric technology company, has received an angel investment from AppSense Labs, the research arm of the AppSense global research and development team.

Led by CEO Darron Antill, AppSense is a New York, NY-based global software provider of user virtualization solutions that works with customers to reduce IT complexity and enable enterprise consumerization with independent management of the user experience across all mobile devices and desktops.

Led by Founder & CEO Kiran Kamity, Collaaj enables enterprise users to capture, share and collaborate with rich data, such as voice, video and screen recordings. Kamity will also join AppSense Labs as an Entrepreneur in Residence.

Commenting on the investment, Antill said: “Investing in the development cycle of Collaaj further provides another possibility for embracing all forms of data that users are creating and sharing in the mobile enterprise. AppSense is also fortunate to have the privilege of expanding entrepreneurship within the company with Kiran on board to share insights and ideas”.



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