Viadeo Completes $32M Funding

Viadeo, a Paris, France-based professional social network, has completed a $32m funding.

Backers include the French Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Fonds Strategique d’Investissement, existing institutional shareholders, Idinvest and Ventech, and new investors Allianz, Jefferies, the global investment banking firm, and Middle Eastern private funds.

The company intends to use the funding to accelerate its growth in Europe and China with its local brand Tianji, as well as other key emerging markets like Latin America, Russia, India, and Africa.

Led by CEO Dan Serfaty, Viadeo is a professional social network with over 45 million members that allows users to increase their business opportunities such as discovering new clients, staff and business partners, enhance their visibility and their online reputation, and manage and develop their network of professional contacts. Members consist of business owners, entrepreneurs and managers from a diverse range of businesses, both start-up and well-established.
It has a clear focus on non-English speaking markets with over 45 million members
The company also has offices and teams in the UK (London), US (San Francisco), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Italy (Milan), Russia (Moscow), China (Beijing), India (New Delhi), Mexico (Mexico City) and Senegal (Dakar). It currently employs 400 staff worldwide.



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