Sensorion Raises €750K

Sensorion, a Clapiers, France-based biopharmaceutical company specifically dedicated to the development of innovative and targeted therapeutic solutions to treat vestibular deficits, has raised €750k in funding from CDC Entreprises.

The investment, which was made by InnoBio, under the framework of the FSI France Investissement program, is intended to help the company reinforce its development capacities.

Founded in June 2009 by four scientists (Drs. Christian Chabbert, Gilles Desmadryl, Sylvain Bartolami and Sophie Gaboyard), Sensorion is a spin-off of the research team Pathophysiology and Therapy of Vestibular Deficits (INSERM U583) led by Dr C Chabbert, located in the Montpellier Neuroscience Institute (MNI, on the Gui de Chauliac Hospital Campus.
The company aims to provide novel vestibuloplegics to relieve vertigo symptoms and develop innovative therapeutic solutions to protect and restore vestibular function.



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