The Biltmore Angels Launch

New angel investor group, The Biltmore Angels, has been formed by a local group composed of Arizona State University alumni to invest in startups and early stage companies in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area.

Members will seek opportunities to invest in high-potential startups and early stage companies from all over the State. The Biltmore Angels will also be a preferred source for ASU Venture Catalyst (the ASU unit that works with high-potential startup companies, both inside and outside the university, including managing the Edson program, ASU’s student startup accelerator) to provide opportunities for ASU spinouts and select client companies of the Venture Catalyst program.

Founded by Charlie Lewis, the Biltmore Angels also include:
– Tom Connelly, President and Chief Investment Officer of Versant Capital Management, Inc.
– Charlie Lewis, Vice President of Venture Development for Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE), ASU’s technology transfer organization,
– Michael Hool, Managing Partner of the Hool Law Group,
– Gordon McConnell, Executive Director of ASU Venture Catalyst.

The group also intend to collaborate with other angel groups in Arizona, as well as capitalizing on connections that the founders have with Silicon Valley angel groups and other sources of financing.



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