Michelson Diagnostics Receives £607K Investment

Michelson Diagnostics, a Kent, UK-based medical device company which has developed and brought to market a scanning device used to improve and accelerate care for patients suffering from non-melanoma skin cancer, has received a £607k investment.

Backers include existing shareholders Octopus Investments, Catapult Venture Managers and individual investors, including some London Business Angels (which invested £332k).

The company intends to use the proceeds from the investment, which was an extension to the £1.92M investment in October 2011 (read here), to further expand sales & support infrastructure in both USA and Europe for its growing installed base of VivoSight skin cancer laser scanners.

Led by CEO Jon Holmes, Michelson offers the VivoSight scanner, which enables clinicians to see under the skin surface in real time, to help them decide whether to treat a lesion, what treatment to use, and to show them how far a tumour has spread, so that surgery is required only once and conserves healthy tissue.



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