BuzzMob Receives Equity Investment from MWW Ventures

BuzzMob, a location-based Social Media Platform headquartered in Santa Monica, California, has received an investment of undisclosed amount from MWW Ventures, the strategic venture arm of Global public relations firm MWW Group.

Under the terms of the agreement, MWW Group will invest firm resources and services in exchange for equity in the start-up. Services will include a mix of corporate, consumer, and trade marketing, branding, media relations, partnership building, event support, and digital and community management.

Launched in August 2010 and led by CEO Jeff Jackel, BuzzMob is a mobile platform that allows people with Using GPS-enabled devices to join real-time, social communities (Rings) at customizable locations, connecting them to chat, share tips and photos, and receive rich media content related to their shared location and event. Any user can create a ring that defines a geographic space (such as a stadium, restaurant, etc.).
As a social and events engagement tool, it represents an opportunity for people, places, and brands to build hyper-local connections in real-time.

The app is currently available on iOS and web, and will launch soon on Android. The company, which is also developing an iPad version of the tool, is hiring (



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