Cambridge Wireless Recieves Initial £50K Funding

Cambridge Wireless, a Cambridge, UK-based independent wireless business and technology community, has been awarded an initial £50k funding for a multi-company research project under the government-backed Technology Strategy Board’s Internet of Things (IoT) Convergence initiative (

The project, entitled “Cross domain IoT interchange Broker” and led by Graham Fisher, is designed to explore how data can be shared to reduce impact of severe weather on individuals, utilities, transport and UK economy.
Designed to move towards an IoT application and services marketplace, the work will explore how data collected from environments, buildings, vehicles, clothing, portable devices and other objects can be shared over the internet to transform how people manage their lives and travel sustainably, and how services and entertainment can adapt dynamically as surroundings change.

Partners in the project include:
The University of Bath, Computer Science Department
Docobo Ltd
Secure Controls UK Ltd
SciSys UK Ltd
Personal Information Broker- Development Ltd
Bathcube Ltd,

Cambridge Wireless is a forum and community with an expanding network of companies actively involved in the development and application of wireless technologies. It runs high level networking dinners and events, an educational programme, business development activities and the annual Future of Wireless International Conference along with the Discovering Start-Ups programme and competition to support emerging, innovative wireless companies.



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