Bodhicrew Services Receives Seed Investment from Unitus Seed Fund

Bodhicrew Services Pvt. Ltd., a New Delhi-India-based provider of skill development and job placement services, has received a seed investment of undisclosed amount from Unitus Seed Fund.

The company intends to use the capital to further develop its services. It aims to train and deploy 100,000 domestic workers in the next 4 years.

Led by CEO Vivek Kaushik and Chairman Manab Chakraborty, Bodhicrew Services provides integrated employment and skills services to the most disadvantaged in the labor market. It offers livelihoods opportunities to poorly educated young adults by giving them technical training and placement in a better paying job, as well as a one-stop solution to employers for an ethically sourced and well-trained workforce.
It also supports legislative, administrative and policy changes which contribute to the employability, dignity, and welfare of the workers and their families.



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