Aeon Astron Europe Receives €3M Innovation Credit from SME Innovation Credit Fund

Aeon Astron Europe, a Leiden BioScience Park (The Netherlands)-based biomedical company, has received an innovation credit of over €3m from the new SME Innovation Credit fund (Innovatiefonds MKB+).

The company intends to use the credit to further develop an artificial cornea made of fish scale material through a variety of preclinical and clinical trials, both in the Netherlands and worldwide. Aeon Astron Europe has plans to build a clean room and seven laboratories (with a production unit is already in preparation), as well as to increase the number of employees from the present six to at least 25 and possibly 50.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Taiwanese company Body Organ Biomedical Corporation (BOBC), a developer of new tissue regeneration products, especially in ophthalmology, such as an artificial cornea (biocornea) and a biolens, the company is responsible for introducing these products onto the global market. It is led by CEO Michael Lai and Vice-President Ingrid Vodegel

The loan, by Innovatiefonds MKB+, which was launched in January 2012, is a reinvestment of an earlier innovation credit repaid by the SME company Sim Industries, a manufacturer of aviation simulators.

Aeon Astron is also working on biolens, based on collagen in collaboration with the LUMC in Leiden and the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan.



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