Warp Drive Bio Raises $125M

Warp Drive Bio, a Boston, MA-based newly formed company that is developing proprietary genomic search engine and customized search queries that enable hidden natural products to be revealed on the basis of their distinctive genomic signature, is raising $125m in funding.

Backers include Third Rock Ventures, partner Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN) (NYSE: SNY) and Greylock Partners.

The financing, which is comprised of up to $75m in equity, is designed to accelerate the development of the company’s platform and establish proof of concept.

Founded by Third Rock Ventures and scientist Gregory Verdine, Ph.D., Warp Drive Bio was incubated at Third Rock for two years. Joining Dr. Verdine as co-founders are Harvard Medical School professor of genetics and genomics expert George Church, Ph.D., and University of California, San Francisco professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and protein-protein interaction expert James Wells, Ph.D.

The company has also signed a strategic partnership with Sanofi to advance its core research and development strategy over at least the next five years.
Warp Drive Bio is developing proprietary “genomic search engine” that enables the production of novel drug candidates (now hidden within microbes) and to determine their mode of action, ultimately enabling the company to convert genomes into drugs.



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