Seventh Sense Biosystems Receives $3.28M Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based company developing novel blood sampling technology (Touch Activated Phlebotomy™) for decentralized diagnostic testing, has received a $3.28m grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The grant, which is part of the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative to seek out innovative ideas for diagnostics in the developing world, will be used to develop enhanced TAP prototypes that can collect higher volume blood samples required for a broad range of field-based diagnostic testing.
Funds will be received over a three-year period, during which Seventh Sense intends to optimize design, develop manufacturing methods and integrate all components into a simple device that can be used with a broad spectrum of point-of-care diagnostic devices in the developing world.
The new product is envisioned as a cost-effective, universal blood sampling platform, requiring no external power source or technical expertise to operate.

Founded in 2008, the company is led by President and CEO Doug Levinson, Ph.D. and backed by Polaris Venture Partners, Flagship Ventures, and Third Rock (read here).



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