nProgress Raises over $1.7M in Angel Funding

nProgress, Inc., a Los Angeles, CA-based start-up that has launched a free smartphone app for iPhone and Android (ntro) that allows users to discover connections with the people around them, raised over $1.7m in angel funding.

Backers include Jarl Mohn, Gordon Crawford, Kevin Wall, Activation Media Partners, Baroda Ventures, SV Angel, Jeff Pulver, and Richard Crowell.

The company is using the funding to develop and launch ntro in Los Angeles, in the San Francisco Bay Area and in other cities.

Founder and CEO Josh Resnick said nProgress aimed to create a new way to deliver meaningful new introductions to nearby people the user really wanted to meet, based on his/her interests, differentiating from other social discovery apps, which didn’t focus enough on the quality of matches.
Key features of ntro include Interest-Based Social Discovery, High-Quality Interest Matches, Browse & Discover Interests, Extensive Customization, and Privacy Protection.



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