Medrobotics Closes $11.7M Series C Funding

Medrobotics Corporation, a Boston, MA-based robotic snake technology developer, recently closed a $11.7m Series C funding.

Backers include new angel investors and The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse.
This investment brings the total amount raised by the company to date to $28.3m.

Founded by Howie Choset, Ph.D., Marco A. Zenati, M.D., and Alon Wolf, Ph.D. as a spin out from Carnegie Mellon University and currently led by President & CEO Samuel F. Straface, Ph.D., Medrobotics has developed a platform of flexible medical robots designed to enable surgeons to access, visualize, and perform two-handed surgery in hard-to-reach anatomical places through a single-site access.
The technology is comprised of a new generation of flexible robotic snakes with advanced vision systems that navigate tortuous paths while providing accessory channels for a wide range of flexible surgical tools. The robots are able to support their own weight and move within any three-dimensional space without the need for any other structural support.

The company plans to file for US commercial approval in 2012.



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