MediaBrix Raises $4M in Series B Funding

MediaBrix, a New York-based social media advertising platform, has raised $4m in Series B funding from Edison Ventures.

The company intends to use the capital to expand the sales force and continue to build out its social media platform with proprietary products.

MediaBrix provides agencies and advertisers with a single solution for all of their social advertising objectives to an audience of over 500 million both online and via mobile devices. Social Flex, Social Views and Social Pulse enable marketers to deploy, monitor and optimize campaigns across apps, games and major social venues including Facebook and LinkedIn. In particular, Social Flex is a monetization platform that allows application and game developers, wanting to monetize the majority of users who do not purchase virtual goods, to access to growing agency and advertiser social media spend.

In conjunction with the funding, Ryan Ziegler, Principal of Edison Ventures, and Mike Leo, the CEO of Operative, will join MediaBrix’s Board of Directors, which already includes:
– Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective;
– Charlie Kemper, Managing Partner, Revel Partners, which led the company’s $1.5m Series A round, closed in May of this year;
– Bob Carrigan, CEO of IDG Communications; and
– CEO Ari Brandt.



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