Onco-NX Raises £50K

Onco-NX, a Salford, UK-based drug development company, has raised £50k from the North West Fund for Biomedical.

Onco-NX Ltd, which is a spin-out of the University of Salford, is dedicated to the development of therapeutics that selectively targets tumour cells without harming healthy cells thus minimizing or eliminating undesired side effects. It is currently developing three novel pro-drugs activated by DT-Diaphorase, an enzyme which is over-expressed in many human solid tumours.

According to a written statement, the company intends to use the funds to begin to assess its emerging pipeline of opportunities in more depth and continue to gather data on its lead compounds. Onco-NX expects that at least one of them will show excellent bioproperties and will be licensed out to a multi-national pharma company for further development.



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