NewsCred Raises $4.75M

NewsCred, a New York-based media company focused on creating a single platform for the world’s news, said it raised a total of $4.75m in funding.

According to the company blog (read here) the company raised:
– $750K in seed round from FLOODGATE, IA Ventures and Naval Ravikant in September; and
– $4m in Series A funding (announced today), which was led by FirstMark Capital, with participation from Lerer Ventures, AOL Ventures and Advancit Capital and all of the above mentioned seed investors.

For content buyers NewsCred created a single platform, SmartWire, that delivers content from news sources in the US and internationally. Wires include US, World, Finance, LifeStyle, Sport, Technology, and Entertainment. On the other side, NewsCred Syndicate helps publishers manage syndication efforts using one single platform.

The company, which was founded three years ago, is currently hiring (



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