Handy Elephant Receives Seed Investment from Citrix Startup Accelerator

Handy Elephant, a Cambridge, UK-based startup that develops and provides apps for sales and business professionals, recently received a seed investment from the Citrix Startup Accelerator.

The company provides:
– Handy Elephant Personal CRM, a free productivity app for business professionals who have to maintain a large number of relationships across multiple channels including phone and SMS, Email, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and
– Log2Salesforce, an app that automates the process of logging calls to customers into Salesforce.

Co-founded by Benjamin F. Wirtz (CEO and Android Led Developer), Sarah Malik (Marketing and Business Development), Robin Message (Software Engineer), and Lewis Spearman (Web/UX designer), Handy Elephant is currently hiring (http://handyelephant.com/jobs/).



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