Linkable Networks Receives Investment from Citi Ventures

Linkable Networks, Inc. (previously known as CLOVR Media), a Boston, Mass.-based platform that enables consumers to link store level and item level offers directly to their credit or debit card of choice, has received an investment of undisclosed amount from Citi Ventures, a unit of the global financial services company Citigroup.

The company intends to use the funds for infrastructure build-out, cross media implementation, and adoption increase.

Led by CEO Tom Burgess, Linkable Networks allows consumers to link retail offers they see in banner, text, video, mobile, TV and print ads directly to their credit or debit cards, automatically receiving the advertised savings posted back to that card. Currently in beta, the platform supports over 95% of all credit and debit cards in the United States.
The solution will be commercially launched this fall with major banks and media partners.

The company is currently hiring (



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