Triposo Raises $525K in Seed Financing

CEO Richard Osinga has said to me that Triposo, a newly launched geographically distributed start up that focuses on making free travel guides for Android and iOS, recently raised $525K in seed financing.

Backers include angel investors including Chris Sacca, Taher Haveliwala and InterWest Partners.

This company intends to use the funds to improve its the existing algorithm better, so as stated by Richard, “it will be able to give the best possible answer for any destination to the question: what shall I be doing next?“.

Founded by ex-Googlers CTO Douwe Osinga and Tech Lead Jon Tirsen, who were joined by Richard and Vincent Osinga, Triposo is based on the idea that travel guides can be made the way Google makes its search engine: based on an algorithm, which takes all travel information from seven different open sources (including Wikipedia, Wikitravel and the Openstreetmap) and ranks the most relevant content for travelers.
Without any human interference, Triposo produces travel guides, with extensive information on sightseeing, nightlife, and restaurants.

It currently offers 50 guides for Android, and 30 guides for iOS. An iOS world guide in which users can download a complete travel guide for any destination in the world will be released next month.

Richard also told me that is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and that the company’s team are distributed across the world.



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