Anvil Semiconductors Receives £150k in Funding

Anvil Semiconductors, a Warwick, UK-based newly launched developer of small power converters using innovative Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductor switches, has received £150k in funding.

Backers include Midven’s Early Advantage Fund, which committed £25,000, as well as investors from Midlands’ Minerva Business Angel Network, who injected the remaining £125,000.

Created by Warwick Ventures Ltd, the University’s technology commercialization company, Anvil has also been awarded an R&D grant from the Technology Strategy Board.

The investment will support the progress of the business.

The company is led by CEO Dr Peter Ward, who has developed Anvil’s technology alongside Professor Phil Mawby’s team at the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering. The semiconductors being developed by Anvil are expected to enable improvements in operating efficiency, size and cost when used in power converters such as those found in electric cars, photovoltaic cells and wind turbines.



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