Radisens Diagnostics Raises €1.1M

Radisens Diagnostics Ltd, a Cork, Ireland-based medical diagnostics company. has received €1.1m in funding.

Investors include Kernel Capital, which committed €500k through the Bank of Ireland MedTech Accelerator Fund, Enterprise Ireland, and other private private business angels.

Led by CEO Jerry O’ Brien, Radisens develops laboratory grade platforms for the diagnosis and monitoring of acute and chronic care patients across various chronic conditions, thyroid functions, infectious diseases, cardiac markers, early cancers and blood chemistries using a finger prick of blood.

The company’s solution has the potential to decentralize clinical blood testing into point-of-care settings such as GP clinics, outpatients departments, emergency rooms and small to medium sized hospital labs.

Radisens has US Headquarters in Allston, MA.



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