QuickGifts Receives nearly $1M in Series A Funding

QuickGifts, an Austin, Texas-based provider of gift currency marketing and ecommerce solutions, received nearly $1m in Series A funding from Thinktiv.

The company has used the funds to launch a new version of its integrated gift currency marketing platform that allows local and regional businesses to offer their in-store, pre-paid gift card programs across diverse online channels and expand its sales and distribution partnering initiatives.

The QuickGifts platform is comprised of four solutions, including:
– a service that allows local and regional merchants to market and sell their in-store gift cards online (OneLink™);
– a marketplace that offers gift card shoppers a large assortment of local, regional and national merchant cards on the Internet (QuickGifts Card Mall);
– a pre-paid gift currency that recipients can redeem for any branded merchant gift cards available on the marketplace (Dibbs™ Currency).
– an online rewards management solution that allows companies of all sizes to administer diverse business rewards and loyalty programs based on QuickGifts’ pre-paid currency (QuickGifts Corporate).

The company was founded in 2002 by CEO Stacy Young.



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