Assay Depot Raises $1.7M

Assay Depot, a San Diego, CA-based company that operates a cloud-based pharmaceutical research platform, raised $1.7m from private investors including Jack Giarraputo.

The funds will be used to expand the company’s platform, which is designed to provide scientists with the ability to custom create and purchase any research service, and communicate with experts in any research area.

The platform includes:
– a public marketplace launched in 2008 (, which includes all research services needed to run a drug program from the initial concept to human clinical trials,
– a number of private marketplaces (Contract Research Exchanges or CRXs), which include online tools that enable a pharmaceutical company to manage its worldwide network of internal and external research providers, and
– a back office where vendors respond to requests and manage orders (

Led by President and CEO Kevin Lustig, Assay Depot also operates offices in in Northern California and Pennsylvania.



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