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Adaptive TCR Completes $5.8M Series B Funding


Adaptive TCR Corporation, a Seattle, WA-based provider of online solutions for large scale immune system profiling under the brand name immunoSEQ, has completed a $5.8m Series B funding round with private investors.

The company intends to use the funds to continue growth of the ImmunoSEQ profiling service and advance clinical applications in the oncology, autoimmune, and vaccine fields.

Adaptive TCR’s product, immunoSEQ, uses a proprietary immune profiling assay to analyze T cells and B cells – critical components of the adaptive immune system’s defense against disease. This allows researchers to characterize the complete immune repertoire of a patient or group of patients in search of immunologic biomarkers. The assay is coupled with a cloud-computing infrastructure that is designed to simplify the interpretation of mass quantities of data in a user-friendly interface.

Led by CEO and President Chad Robins, the company was founded by Harlan Robins, Ph.D., and Chris Carlson, Ph.D., who invented the immune profiling technology at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.