TIXEL Receives €700K Venture Capital Financing

TIXEL, a Hannover, Germany-based company that develops and markets systems and solutions for high speed and reliable data transfer over wide area networks (WAN), has received a €700k venture capital financing.
The company intends to use the funds to expand its partner network and the marketing efforts with large customers. In addition, the new capital will be invested in optimizing the technical infrastructure and the local headquarter’s staff.
Led by CEO Eduard Siemens, Tixel is a spin-off of Thomson. The company has developed a solution for reliable data transfer with significant reduced transfer times. Its TIXstream technology, based on the patented Reliable WAN Transfer Protocol (RWTP), is designed to efficiently exploit long distance connections over existing 1G and 10GBit/s Ethernet infrastructures. It provides transfer speeds of about 4 GBit/s.

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