Michelson Diagnostics Receives £300K Second Investment by Octopus Investments

Michelson Diagnostics, a Orpington, UK-based medical equipment and scanner specialist, has received a second investment of £300k by Octopus Investments.
This adds to the initial investment of £1.7M in October 2010.
Michelson has developed a laser scanning technology which is designed to scan image skin and other surface tissue at a much higher resolution than before. The VivoSight scanner aims to enable clinicians to see under the skin surface in real time, to help them decide whether to treat a lesion, what treatment to use, and to show them how far a tumour has spread, so that surgery is required only once and conserves healthy tissue.
It has already won CE & FDA regulatory clearance for clinical use in Europe and the USA, and is now being evaluated by skin cancer specialists at their clinics.
The company intends to use the funds to manufacture scanners and grow the sales infrastructure in the UK and USA.

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