CoolPlanetBiofuels Raises Funding from Google Ventures

CoolPlanetBiofuels, a Camarillo, Calif., company that is developing s developing a technology that converts low-grade biomass into high-grade fuel and carbon, has raised a funding of undisclosed amount from Google Ventures.
The deal is part of Series B round led by North Bridge Venture Partners with participation from GE Energy Financial Services.
The investment will help the company accelerate the development of its technology, that directly inputs raw biomass such as woodchips, crop residues and non-food fuel crops, and produces distinct gas streams for catalytic upgrading to conventional hydrocarbon fuel.
Led by President and CEO Mike Cheiky, CoolPlanetBiofuels is also advancing simple one- step catalytic conversion processes that mate with the processor’s output gas streams to produce useful products such as eBTX (gasoline), synthetic diesel and proprietary ultra- high-yield super fuels.

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